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Argon – Thickener


ARGOPRINT 160 is an APEO and formaldehyde free high concentration anionic inverse polyacrylate emulsion.


ARGOPRINT 160 is a high quality, high concentration, APEO free inverse emulsion synthetic thickener for pigment printing with high electrolyte stability.

ARGOPRINT 160 is suitable for thickening pigment printing on cotton as well as synthetic textiles.

ARGOPRINT 160 can be used in all processes such as flat screen, rotary screen and roller printing system. It is directly added to the paste of printing, so it provides an easy usage. It is easy to adjust the viscosity, prepare the paste when used ARGOPRINT 160. It gives great dry and wet fastness as well as color brightness and yield. ARGOPRINT 160 makes it possible to reduce the quantity used.

In general 15-17 gr/kg in the printing pastes are used depending on the binders, other additives and viscosity required. Please stir before using.

Shelf-life and Storage

The dispersion contains some initial preservatives to prevent attact by micro organisms. In order that the product is also sufficiently protected against microbial contamination during further storage in opened drums or storage tanks a suitable preservative should be added despite our preliminary preservation measures. Checks should be carried out to determine their compatibilitiy and efficacy. The tanks and pipework should be kept adequately clean.

ARGOPRINT 160 should not be stored for longer than 12 months before processing as far as possible, storage should be at a uniform temperature in the region of 5-35ºC. The product should, in principle, be kept away from frost and direct exposure to sunshine. Furthermore it must be ensured that already opened drums or containers are always tightly closed.

The technical data ascertained by our quality control laboratory at the time of product release may vary according to storage time and storage conditions and may deviate from the stated limits.

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