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Transparent Water-based Sealer for the Prevention of Fabric Dye Migration


Aquasol Anti Migration Sealer G is a proprietary blend of polymers that can provide excellent barrier against
dye migration from the fabric into the print. The problem with the migration of dye can be quite serious and
can cause white inks to appear pink on red fabric or grey (even red) on black fabric. Some suppliers of inks
have formulated sealers with activated carbon to absorb the migrant dye and have been moderately
successful. However, these sealers are black in colour (due to the carbon content) and are not quite elastic.
Consequently, many other problems arise from the use of these carbon-based sealers even though the problem
of dye migration is minimised. The Aquasol Anti Migration Sealer G is formulated to capture migrant dye
molecules and yet it is extremely transparent, soft and elastic. The Anti Migration Sealer G represents a
breakthrough in terms of screenprinting ink technology and is used worldwide for highly ‘sensitive’ fabric
for many top brands.

Application Procedure

Mix Aquasol Anti Migration Sealer G with 1-2% Aquasol Cross Fixer and print one to two coats directly
onto cotton, polyester or blends of these two types of fibres. Print Aquasol Aquaprene White/Clear (SD) or
Aquasol EcoNylon White/Clear or other suitable inks directly onto the Anti Migration Sealer G. Allow the
print to air dry for 4-6 hours. Apply hotpress or oven curing at ~150oC. Mix additional 1-3% of Aquasol
Part B into the Anti Migration Sealer G (together with Aquasol Cross Fixer) for pure nylon or other difficult
fabric. The mixture with Part B is reactive and has a potlife of about 24 hours. Aquasol Cross Fixer helps
capture migrant dye by forming an extensive chemical network in the print. Aquasol Part B is used as an
adhesion promoter on difficult substrate.


Do not exceed one year from date of manufacture. Protect from frost (>5oC). Keep lids tightly closed at all
times after use.