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Dryers, Exposing Machine, Manual Screen Printing Machine & Stretching Clamp

Infrared dryers

Infrared dryer / Spot dryer


  • Infrared tubes for fast heat up and cool down times.
  • Ideal for chest printing machine.
  • Movable castors or fixed knobs changeable as per requirement.
  • Very less weight and portable.
  • Easy to fit and place handle.
  • Very less power consumption due to intermittent on.
  • With sturdy power coated design for long service life.
Model Palatte Size Heater Temp Power L" W" H" Net Weight
Spice M 17x22 3.6kw/hr 220°C Max 230VAC 38",22",40" 25Kgs
Spice S 17x22 6kw/hr 220°C Max 440VAC 38",22",40" 25Kgs

Screen dryers


  • Self contained screen drying cabinet.
  • Easy to load through tray pullout system.
  •  Internal air circulation for dust free and fast drying
  • Adopted with digital temperature and timer controls for proper drying.
  • Heater switch off can be used in case only air drying is required
  • Easy to move castor wheels.
  • Heavy duty blower for long service life
  • Very big size there by 40”x45 screen can be accommodated.
Model Frame Size Lamp Power Power M/C Dimensions Weight
SD 44 40"x45" 2000w/hr, /230V 60 deg L58" W48" H40.5" 135Kgs

Exposing machine


  • World class metal halide screen exposing machine.
  • Ideal machine for all types of screen especially high density screens.
  • Easy operation through hydraulic spring’s system. 
  • Electronic ballast switching for zero maintenance.
  • Instant start halide lamp for long service life.
  • High quality rubber blanks for perfect hugging of the screens.
  • Microprocessor for controlled exposing.
Model Frame Size Lamp Power Power M/C Dimensions Weight
EX 4045 40"x45" 3000w 440V L48" W24" H49" 185Kgs

Screen printing machine


  • Manually operated micro registration printing machine

  • All the axis can be easily set knobs thereby very less time required to set the screen.

  • Highly versatile to print hi-density prints , by setting off contact on the screen

  • Heavy duty frame work long service life

  • Color ranges from 4to12 .

  • Double adjustable spring system for less maintenance.

  • Prefect registration on all pallets .

  • Smoother operation with sturdy design

  • Power coated for durability

  • Infra red flash drier (optional)

Model Rainbow 44 Rainbow 66 Rainbow 88 Rainbow 1212
Color/Stations 4/4 6/6 8/8 12/12
Pallet size 22"x17" 22"x17" 22"x17" 22"x17"
DIA x H" 8.5ft H 5.5 ft 9.8ft H 5.5 ft 13ft H 5.5 ft" 15ft H 5.5 ft"
Net weight 400 Kgs 600 Kgs 800 Kgs 1200 Kgs

Stretching clamp


  • Pneumatic stretching clamp easy to use.
  • Each clamp can hold up to 10 inches of screen fabric.
  • Toggle clamp system for holding the fabric.
  • Rubber pressure pads for slip free stretching.
  • Adjustable knob for screen height adjustment.
  • Perfect Pressure coated from air regulator for precise setting of screen tension.
  • Sturdy powder coated design for long service.
Model Frame Size Lamp Power Power M/C Dimensions Weight
SD 44 40"x45" 2000w/hr, /230V 60 deg L58" W48" H40.5" 135Kgs