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Sublimation Printing Machine




  1. Automatically printing job pause, when media wrinkle. [NO.1]
  2. Automatically printing job pause, when printing media is going to use up. [NO.2]
  3. Press wheel accessories, easy to lift handle up, without noises. [NO.3]
  1. Collision capping station – Design by locor itself, mechanical location, adjustable. [NO.4]
  2. Damper – Rectangle based board design, friendly match with printhead shape, harmoniously connect, elimination ink damper shake or loosing situation during printing. [NO.5]
  3. Press wheel accessories – lift – pinch components stamped by high – precision mould, stable performance, high accuracy. [NO.6]
  4. Guide rail – Adopt HIWIN double guide rail slide, make carriage move more stable, media moving higher precision with 0.03mm. [NO.7]
  5. Printing platform – adjustable, that make sure the distance from printhead surface to platform is reasonable. [NO.8]
  6. Wiper – Automatically moving front and back, to wipe ink droops from heads surface. [NO.9]