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Non-toxic Water-based Elastic Puff Ink for Textile Silkscreen Printing


Aquasol EcoPuff is a highly effective puff ink with elastic properties for silkscreen printing
on cotton and polyester-based fabric. Unlike conventional puff inks, Aquasol EcoPuff is
formulated to be self-crosslinking and tack free. Hence, it provides excellent anti-block
properties and will not adhere to the surface of other Aquasol inks (Premium rubber inks
or Elastisol series) even after prolonged contact with the latter provided that the proper
curing/drying procedure is followed. The Aquasol EcoPuff ink is environment friendly and
is completely free of the following chemicals: formaldehyde, phthalate, azo, lead,
chromium, mercury, nickel, tin, chromium and alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APEO). Aquasol
EcoPuff can be used as supplied or mixed in any ratio with Silkflex rubber inks or Aquasol
Elastisol. The Aquasol EcoPuff provides puff prints with smooth surface, excellent soft
feel and exceptional wash resistance.

Application Procedure

Aquasol EcoPuff can be used directly or mixed with Aquasol inks; rubber inks, Elastisol
or Aquanylon inks. A ratio of 30-50% of the Aquasol EcoPuff with suitable Aquasol inks
is normally sufficient. Allow prints to air-dry completely (~6 hours) before heat curing.
Provide a temperature of at least 150oC in order to ensure effective reaction of the puff
process. Heat curing can be carried out by the heat press method or by using a conventional
oven. Do not apply excessive pressure for prolonged periods of time in the heat press
method because it may cause irreversible collapse in the structure of the resultant puff print.


Do not exceed twelve months from date of manufacture. Protect from frost (>5oC). Keep
lids tightly closed at all times after use.