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Formaldehyde free fixer/crosslinker for textile printing


Aquasol Fixer NF is a fixer/crosslinker which can be added into Raynco textile inks and printing paste to
improve wash and colour fastness. Unlike regular fixers, Aquasol Fixer NF is free of formaldehyde, alkyl
phenol ethoxylates (APEO), azo dyes, heavy metals, aromatic solvents and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Aquasol Fixer NF when added into Silkflex inks will effect crosslinking and provide improved adhesion onto
fabric and at the same time enhance the water/chemical resistance of the ink. Aquasol Fixer NF is also very
effective for adhesion promotion on difficult fabrics like pure polyester and nylon.

Application Procedure

Add 2-5% of Aquasol Fixer NF directly into Aquasol inks and stir until homogenous. Aquasol Fixer NF is
reactive and can cause gelling of the inks upon prolonged storage. Hence, it is advisable to mix Aquasol
Fixer NF into the inks only upon printing. Aquasol inks with Aquasol Fixer NF should be used within 8
hrs. after mixture. Please ensure cleanliness at all times when using Aquasol Fixer NF. Aquasol Fixer NF,
when contaminated, can gel up or separate due to chemical reaction. Aquasol inks with Aquasol Fixer NF
will provide improved wash and colour fastness 24 hrs. after printing. Allow the prints to cure for at least
72 hrs. for optimum results.


Do not exceed twelve months from date of manufacture. Protect from frost (>5oC). Keep lids tightly closed
at all times after use.