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Silkscreen Printable Hot Melt Glue for Flock Printing on Textile


Aquasol Flock Paste is formulated for hot melt applications of flock powder on cotton-based and cottonpolyester
blend fabric. Aquasol Flock Paste is formulated to provide a smooth and even coat on textile in
order to ensure good and consistent adhesion of flock powder. Unlike regular glue which can provide a rather
grainy appearance and can sometimes feel rather stiff as well, Aquasol Flock Paste when printed with flock
powder is soft, very smooth and wash fast. Aquasol Flock Paste is free of formaldehyde, APEO (alkyl phenol
ethoxylate), heavy metals, azo, PVC (poly vinyl chloride) and all phthalates.

Application Procedure

Print Aquasol Flock Paste directly onto fabric with a mesh screen of 800-1200. Sprinkle flock powder
immediately onto the wet print and apply light pressure manually (or automatically with flock fixing
equipment). Allow the prints to dry at ambient conditions for 4-6 hours. The heat cures the print in an oven
at 135oC for ~2min. To further improve wash fastness, add 1-2% of Aquasol Cross Fixer into Aquasol Flock
Paste. Allow for 72 hours after heat curing before conducting wash test.


Do not exceed twelve months from date of manufacture. Protect from frost (>5oC). Keep lids tightly closed
at all times after use.