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Water-based Environment Friendly Table Glue for Silkscreen Printing


Aquasol Panel Glue is formulated to provide high dry tack but non-transfer properties for the
temporary adhesion of textile and related materials onto conventional silkscreen glass printing
tables. Aquasol Panel Glue is also environment friendly and is free of restricted chemicals like
formaldehyde, azo dyes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalates (and other plastisizers), aromatic
solvents, heavy metals and alkyl phenol ethoxylates. It is suitable for application on conventional
table, rotary machine and flatbed printing.

Application Procedure

Aquasol Panel Glue can be applied onto the relevant substrates by using a squeegee, brush, roller
or spray gun. In the last application, dilution with clean water is recommended. After application,
allow the Aquasol Panel Glue to dry completely for about 1hr. at ambient conditions before use.
Heat curing will increase the rate of drying/curing. In case of the accumulation of dirt and debris
on the glue after use, wipe the surface clean with wet cloth and allow to dry completely in order to
restore original tack and properties of the Aquasol Panel Glue. To remove glue after prolonged
usage, soak the table (or other related surfaces) in water for ~30 min. and scrape off glue
accordingly. Allow the surface to dry completely before reapplication of the Aquasol Panel Glue.


Do not exceed twelve months from date of manufacture. Protect from frost (>5oC). Keep lids
tightly closed at all times after use.