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Non-toxic Elastomeric Acrylic Hybrid Rubber Ink for Textile Silkscreen Printing


Aquasol Supreme White/Clear is formulated to be suitable for very elastic silkscreen prints on cotton and
polyester-cotton blend fabric. Aquasol Fixer NF, which is a formaldehyde-free fixer, can be added if
required. Aquasol Supreme White/Clear provides a matt finish with exceptional softness, elasticity,
smoothness and handfeel. In addition, the prints are tack free and provide good anti-block properties (no
face-to-face sticky transfer of inks). The Aquasol Supreme White/Clear is also environment compliant and
free of the following chemicals;
1. Formaldehyde
2. Azo
3. Poly vinyl chloride (PVC)
4. All Phthalates
5. Alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APEO)
6. Heavy metals
The Aquasol Supreme White/Clear grades differ in terms of opacity and are used based on the required
colours of the print and of the fabric.

Aquasol Supreme White – Highly opaque and highly elastic with brilliant white tone. Suitable for prints
on dark fabric.
Aquasol Supreme Clear – Transparent and highly elastic. Suitable to be used in combination with Aquasol
Supreme White for colour prints. Suitable to be used for tone and process printing.

Application Procedure

Aquasol Supreme White/Clear is thixotropic and can become more viscous when left standing for prolonged
periods of time. However, the viscosity will reduce with stirring or agitation during the usual process of
printing. Small amounts of clean water can be added to reduce viscosity if necessary. Aquasol Supreme
White/Clear is suitable for silkscreen prints with screen mesh sizes of 1000-1300. For finer screen prints
(1500-2000) the addition of Aquasol Humidifier is recommended to slow down the drying process. After
drying, the prints are fully cured at 150oC for ~2 min. or heatpress at 135oC for 10 s. Aquasol Fixer NF can
be added at 1-5% to further improve wash/colour fastness if necessary. Prints with Fixer NF should be
washed at least 24 hrs. after heat cure. For optimum results test prints with Fixer NF 72 hrs. after heat cure.

Do not exceed one year from date of manufacture. Protect from frost (>5oC). Keep lids tightly closed at all
times after use.