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Water-based Binder Paste for Flexible High-Density/High-Build Silkscreen Printing


High Density White / Clear is formulated to provide flexible high-density prints on cotton and polyesterbased
fabric without the use of conventional foaming agents. In cases where high-density prints are required
on nylon fabric, a coat of EcoNylon White/Clear is first used as primer. High Density White/Clear is
environmental friendly and is free from conventional toxins including polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C.) A copy of
our warranty letter is available upon request. Unlike conventional foam prints, High Density White/Clear
provides prints that are highly durable and with excellent resolution (sharpness).

Application Procedure

It is important to ensure that the colour pigments that are added to High Density White / Clear paste do not
affect (or reduce) the optimum supplied viscosity of the said paste. In cases where the colour pigments are
of low viscosity, add Thickener to the said colour pigment to increase viscosity before adding it to the High
Density White/Clear paste. Pastes that are of low viscosity do not allow for premium quality high-density
prints. High Density White can be mixed with High Density Clear at any ratio according to requirement.
High Density White / Clear is thixotropic and can become more viscous when left standing for prolonged
periods of time. However, the viscosity will reduce with stirring or agitation during the usual process of
printing. High Density White / Clear is suitable for silkscreen prints with screen mesh sizes of ~100-120.
Prolonged heating of High Density White / Clear at high temperatures can promote yellowing of the highdensity
prints. Consequently, curing the print at ~100-120 oC for ~ 2 min. is optimum.


Do not exceed twelve months from date of manufacture. Protect from frost (>5oC). Keep lids tightly closed
at all times after use.